Black calfskin leather detail | TSATSAS

TSATSAS products are made of high-quality leather with a natural finish.

All TSATSAS leathers come from animals reared for meat production in Germany, Scandinavia, North America, South India and New Zealand. Only smooth, open pore leathers are used, the properties of which in each case determine the texture of their surface. Every skin and every hide is unique; its pores and grain lend it its own very special character.

The skins and hides are tanned to produce leather. This craft has been practiced for millennia and today it combines old traditions with cutting-edge, environmentally friendly processes. All tanneries with which TSATSAS cooperates fulfill the highest ecological and technical standards, and work under the strictest EU environmental regulations. The skins are chosen very carefully. All used leathers are free of AZO dyestuffs, PCP and chrome VI.

In the tanning process, the leathers for TSATSAS products are aniline-dyed in a water bath. The dye used penetrates all layers of the leather and is transparent. This means that the leather’s natural visible pores are preserved. Scars and variations in colour are not covered up, which is why this method can only be used with high-grade skins and hides.

Solid brass handle detail | TSATSAS