Movement is what drives our existence. We are constantly on the move, strolling or scurrying from one place to the next. And our clothes follow us, they swirl around our bodies, crease, flutter in the breeze and reflect the way we move.

Esther and Dimitrios Tsatsas, the team of designers behind TSATSAS, address the subject of movement in the design for their clutch bag TAPE which premiered at the Paris Fashion Week in March 2017.

What is striking about TAPE is the contrast between the actual bag’s severe geometric lines and the soft tapes that flow from it. Imaginatively knotted, these long leather tapes take on a life of their own – they break up the bag’s elegant clarity with their flexibility and their movement, allowing its users to grip it like a classic clutch bag or to hold it by its tapes in a more relaxed fashion.

The Video is a result of a collaboration between musician Chinaski, photographer Gerhardt Kellermann and designer Ana Relvão. The video plays with TAPE’s idiosyncrasies, perfecting the interaction between sound and movement. Relvão and Kellermann, who are based in Munich, artistically contrast the sometimes sinuous and sometimes haphazard movements of the leather tapes in individual slow-motion sequences. And in musician and video artist Chinaski they have found a partner who has succeeded in lending the video a dramatic quality with its own specially composed music.

Musician and video artist Chinaski lives in Frankfurt am Main. He made his name with records and EPs on labels such as Live At Robert Johnson and Common Thread and with repeated live appearances at clubs such as the Robert Johnson and the Berghain. His music reflects his affinity with the warm synthesizer sounds of the 1980s.

Portuguese product designer Ana Relvão has been collaborating with Gerhardt Kellermann, a graduate in Industrial Design and photographer, in Munich since 2012. At their interdisciplinary studio they put together photography and industrial design projects for customers such as Bulthaup, Seymoure and Huawei.